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92 Sc400 A/c Rattle/vibration At Idle Help!


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92 SC400 with 155000 miles, for a long time now i've had a really loud rattle/vibration that only happens at idle when i'm stopped and in drive. if i tap the gas at all or put the car in neutral or park it goes away. it has never affected the performance of the engine, its just really annoying at stop lights. Anyway, i just found the location of the noise, it is the A/C compressor. if its making the noise i can pull on the compressor and the noise its some kind of vibration or bad bearing.

my A/C hasn't worked for almost a year (perhaps the same time that this noise started). the compressor clutch doesn't engage and i've pushed on the tire like valve on the compressor and nothing comes out, so i'm assuming i have no freon. with the belt off, the a/c pulley spins freely and the clutch spins with a fair amount of resistance (not sure how much is normal) and the noise is gone with the engine running and belt off. i'm selling the car as soon as i get rid of this noise, so i'm not too concerned with the a/c working. i just need to fix this for as little money as possible.

has this happened to anyone before? i'm not sure where to start, could it be a bearing inside the compressor? the compressor is not loose or anything, its just like at the certain frequency of low rpm and car in drive it makes this LOUD vibration.

any help would be appreciated, i'm pretty good at working on engines but i'm not too familiar with A/C systems, i've searched the board and can't find anything on this.

thanks, Lonny

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