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Ls On Ebay


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Hello guys, I came across this ebay listing for a 96 LS with 125k on it. Apparently there is a slight tapping sound. The car is low bid right now. What do you think? Heres the description:

"1996 Lexus LS 400 - 1 Owner - 125971 Miles - Sunroof - CD Changer

The interior is like new - the body is excellent except for some barely visable scratches on the bumpers.

The old lady who donated this vehicle has been driving it for about a year with a noise coming from the engine area. It is a subtle, but audible tapping sound. One mechanic said a collapsed lifter, the other said it's coming from the flywheel area. The collapsed lifter sounds resonable since the noise is sometimes intermittent along with a slight miss at idle. Most times it runs smooth and quiet at idle. At higher RPM's the noise goes away and the motor runs strong."

Thanks, Pete

BTW- current bid is at $2900

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Well, $2900 seems like a decent deal..... I would look into the price of a good 1UZFE engine on ebay as well (I think you can get them from $800-$3000 .... Anyways, that becomes your worst case scenario is car price plus new engine price....

Like I said, that would be the worst thing you'd need to do... I cannot diagnose anything based on what they say there, but I am sure it will not be near as bad as the cost of a new Engine, all depending on YOUR mechanical ability of course...

anyways, I am sure it will not require anything that drastic, so thats my thoughts on the situation.

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Well, I have seen alot of LS400s with the lifter tapping noise with no ill effects. My 1990 LS400 had a lifter tapping noise and I put 30K miles on it like that and never had an issue... never used or leaked any oil.

Now if that noise was at the flywheel, I would be more concerned, but I cannot imagine what would tap down there? Maybe someone else here can provide more info.

Good luck!

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