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Need Good Place For Lexus Parts


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Hey guys

Just bought a 2000 ES300. Got a few hundred whacked off for a couple missing items and the car needs balancing, but I wanted to drive away w/ it that day.

So i called my local stealership. here is what i need and what they priced it at:

1. battery for remote key - $15.00 (I'm fine paying that...)

2. all weather floor mats - $120 (NOT okay paying that. any suggestions on OEM rubber mats online? ebay?)

3. second key - $260 (ridiculous - anyone know if a different dealership has cheaper pricing on keys that can be cut and coded from afar?)

4. cd changer magazine for nakamichi audio system (glovebox changer) - $60. Again, anyone know where I can get a cheaper magazine? This piece of plastic should be about $20-$30 IMO.

5. car did not come with an owner's manual; is the dealer they only place for this, is there an electronic version online, and if not, how much does the dealer charge for a copy?

thanks guys


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They can even do the keys and ship them to you already cut for much less.

You can get an electronic owners manual by registering the car at, I think they'll also mail you one for free.

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