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How Does Active Cruise Control Work?

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sorry for my bad English.

I plan to buy a new Lexus IS 250 this year and I have some questions about your experiences with active cruise control:

1) How does it work?

2) Does it work reliable?

3) Does the system give you a warning signal, if the brake force generated automatically won't be strong enough?

4) Would you recommend me to order this additional feature?

Thank you in advance.

Regards from Germany


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I will tell you my experience about the Dynamic cruise control on a N. American version IS250 AWD.

A1) The Dynamic cruise control works well but is not designed to work in heavy traffic. Please remember that the Dynamic cruise option also adds a Pre-Collision system as they use the same radar sensor. The Pre-Collision system also works very well. I had a truck pull out in front of me and the stopping power was much better.

A2) The Dynamic cruise control works reliably. I use the system in all types of weather. The behavior of the system is the same for all types of weather conditions. I feel safe and confident using the system.

A3) The system has two warnings. 1 is a beeping sound. 2 is a flashing icon in the cluster display. These warnings occur when the car in front is slowing down at a fast rate. The system can apply a medium level of braking pressure.

A4) Yes, The Pre-Collision safety feature is very good to have. The Dynamic cruise control is a nice feature as well. I use it a lot more that I though I would. Please note that the system will only work at speeds between 28MPH and 88 MPH. Your IS250 system may be different because of the Autobahn speed limits etc…

The system will not bring the car to a complete stop.

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