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Can Anyone Recommend A Lexus Shop In Phoenix/scottsdale Area?


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Hello All,

I can do the work I need done, but my tools are in storage and the apartment complex is not exactly a conducive environment for car work, and it might be awhile before we buy a house.

Anyway, I'm looking for an honest Lexus mechanic or shop that charges reasonable rates.

Here's what I was quoted from a Lexus shop (not a dealership) that I deem unreasonable:

$120 (labor only) to replace the tranny mount.

$260 ATF flush (and clean filter) and fill.

Thank you.


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Hello All,

Just wanted the forum to know that I found a good mechanic in Greater Phoenix based on my experience today.

Dynamic Imports in Tempe replaced my tranny mount for $50 and diagnosed (and cleaned undercarriage) an oil leak (loose oil filter) for no charge. The owner is a good guy and seems like a fair and honest businessman.

Replacing the tranny mount eliminated the 45/65 MPH vibration. See my first post for what a Lexus shop in Scottsdale was going to charge for this work. Thanks to the forums, I suspected this was causing the vibration and that it was an easy fix.


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