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Rx300 Remote Starter Auto Mode Problem


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I just had a remote starter installed in my RX300, but have one major complaint. In mine, the center climate control thing doesn't turn on. The installer told me I can't have the heater in "auto" mode because of this. He said I have to set it in manual mode and set the fans to blow at X speed in order for it to work. The problem with this is that I don't want to use manual mode, and the heaters instantly blow when the car is started; unlike in auto mode where it takes a couple of minutes for them to kick in (waiting for the car to warm up).

My question is for all of you that have a remote starter on the RX300. Does your "auto" mode work? or does your climate control computer turn on when you remote start your car?


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Sounds like the guy is either too lazy or doesn't know what he is doing.

Get your money back and leave.

Tell him all other rx300's have it just like any other car and the accessory wires are not being tapped properly.

A remote start is just like the key in the ignition. So if the key turned activates it so should the remote start.

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I recently got a Viper 791xv installed by Best Buy and I don't know the technical stuff about the install but I know that when its remote started the a/c or heat does turn. The only issue I have with the remote start is that the open button on the viper fob only opens the driver's door, this can be solved by just using the factory key fob after disarming the alarm except it doesn't work when the car is remote started, in which case the factory key fob is useless.

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As previously posted I said I was having problems with my aftermarket remote start/alarm system (Viper 791xv) with unlocking all the doors, apparently if you hit unlock once, followed by 2 quick additional unlocks, the doors magically unlock so i guess 3 to 4 hits of unlock is the magic number to unlock the progressive lock.

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