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In Need Of A True Quality Hid Kit Plz Help >_<


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I think i posted here before when i tried upgrading my hids not sure. Long story short i didnt know any better bought 9006 hid KIT(guy lied saying it was D2R) with ballast lol dunno how this guy got it to fit and work, but i've been running them for a while now and after i changed my headlights to blk housings the light input had gotten worse so need a new hid set. When trying to transfer the stock ballast i couldnt get out one cable that was stuck inside the old headlights so i left it out since the hids i got screwed over with already where running on a separate ballasts. The stock ballast looked horrible all rusted and eaten by water i couldnt get the chance to test it but, till i do ill pronounce them dead =\ so i am in need of a highly recommended hid kit so this time i do get a better quality. I am in need of a set of D2R bulbs + ballasts anyone care to recommend me a good place to get some hids around $250 or better yet under i'll appreciate it.

Thanks :cries:

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ok , you have an is300 and your factory bulbs and ballasts no longer work?

The housing condition does not matter as it is internally cased in a urethane so weather has no affect on it.

So you mean that even if the ballast look all eaten up or rusted on the outsude it could still work? i better go and test them would make it alot more easier.

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