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Lexus Santa Monica California - Great Service!


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On my first trip to a Lexus Service Dept, I had expected to pay to have the Lexus Link system removed on our recently purchased 2001 LS430. Every time we turned the key on, an annoying voice would say the Lexus Link System is active, when it really wasn't. We went there for electrical diagnostics because the car would not start after being in a parking lot for a day. They told me how much they charge for batteries, like over $200 but they would not charge the $130. for diagnostics, if I bought the battery from them. While most places charge about $70. for a battery, that seemed O.K.

They gave us an almost new RX350 as a free loaner and we kept the car for a day.

The next day, when we picked up our car, they said no charge! They discovered there was a recall out for no charge removal of those old analog Lexus Link systems. By the way, I later received a letter from Lexus telling me to go get it removed because they were doing away with the old analog telephone systems. That's right, no charge for the electrical diagnoses and my battery and alternator were fine. I think my wife left the lights on, thinking they were set on Auto.

I will be sure to come back for the big ticket 90K service when that comes due.

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