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Watch Out For The Garage Door


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On a cold day in my "old" SUV I would drive into the garage, pop the hatch and close the garage door. Luckily in the Lexus I didn't do that. Between the high lift of the rear hatch and the door mechanism hanging down, such an action would ether break the rear glass or rip the hatch off.

Just a little info for ya.

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Or you dent your wifes lexus rear tailgate like I did, boy was she *BLEEP*ed, She hasnt put a single ding on the entire car in 8 years.

Or, your wife does the auto-tailgate open thing while the garage door is coming down and puts a perfect track mark, from the garage door handle, on the tail gate. This, after backing into a cement pillar in an underground garage. Whole new driver's door with that one. Fwiw, my wife has been driving for 35 years and this is her first issue. Lucky it was her not me.

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