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Lexus Ls400 Power Steering Problem


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hi every body

i am a new member from midle east :rolleyes:

i have Lexus LS400 power steering problem , the power steering rack had a leak oil


i had bought kit from the dealer ( orginal kit ) and fixed it surely as orginal , but now the steering is loose ( ok ) when i turn it at left, but heavy and like normal steering when i turn it to right side ! any one can help me with this problem and give me the soultion !

( there is no sound of the power steering ) .

another problem is on the break, its ok but the break Brake pedal Flexible not like a new break ! and i change the kit of master selender and make a pleading and no change in the break pedal , are lexus break normaly like this? and there is a method to make easy pleading ?!

and i am sorry for long question :cheers: i am wate :rolleyes:

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Did you use correct brake fluid? Did you properly bleed the brakes?

Your PS rack is not installed correctly or defective.

Clean PS solenoid screen.

yes i had used DOT3 type of oil , and about pleading , what tire shoud i make it first after master selender ?

and i dont understand this " Clean PS solenoid screen. " please :blushing:

thanks for replay and i am wate

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Post number 6.

search for bleeding brake system.

thanks i will try , i see this

and i bleed the according to this lesson, and i start from Rear left tire, and after that, Rear right , but when i come to the front right tire, the brake come down ! and the prasure of oil not strong! and the master selender kit is new ?!

any idea for this ? :cries:

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