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Bought A Used Sc300 - Need Help


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Hi there,

Finally I got a SC300! - 1993 model. without the traction control. Around 126K miles, and just 2 owners.

The engine / trans looks in great condition & perfectly driveable..But breaks need work. Also, few annoying (already famous _NAKAMICHI_ )

quirks. Need your suggestions.

1. Suggest a good break job

2. 100k miles maintenance has been done, but am at 127K and any suggestions for normal maintenance?

3. The LCD/LED for the dashboard seem to be blurry / gone.... - Any estimate / suggestion for fixing this? (looks like

major work here). Its 100% operational - (Like CD player or radio)

4. The needles seem to be blacked out (Again famous problem). Any DIY fixes for this? (I'm not a mechanic).

5. The rear view mirrors automatic control seems to be gone.

6. Also, the place where i drive SC300 does NOT require the emission check but if required, what needs to be done??

Other than that, this car is in very good condition & i like better than my 2002 Honda Accord. Your help / opinion is highly

appreciated. Ofcourse, i'm a newbie and just trying to figure out the ways to maintain and enjoy my SC300 & want to be

part of the cult. :)

thank you!

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