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Stereo Problem!

Lexus ES300

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Uuhhhh, another problem.

OK, my 95 LS has a Lexus phone.

Yesterday when I turned the radio on, voice was too low, even on maximum.

After couple minuts, I heard a beep from phone and after that everythink was perfect.

Today, same problem.

Any adwice?

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Turn the phone off, if it's not used... Sounds like the little dial paddle on the steering wheel controls is stuck, which will mute your stereo in an attempt to dial the phone and use the speakerphone setup that over takes your stereo.

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can you recreate the problem?

is the phone on or off?

No, the phone is off and I can't turn it on.

While I drive it comes on with a beep and speakers start working.

If I crank up the volume to maximum, the volume to th speakers is at a minimum, I can hear just a little voice and the quality is bad.

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First-time poster.

I've got a '96 with the same exact problem, and this is frustrating to read that you fixed it, but no idea HOW you fixed it, as I just bought the car YESTERDAY and have no idea where things might be in the car.

Does anyone have a pic or at least a more detailed description other than "i just unplugged it" that might help?

I'd REALLY like to just remove the phone entirely in order to be able to use that "tray" for storage, but it's more important for me to get my radio working again.

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Figured this out myself, and decided to take some pics so those who come up with the same problem might more easily fix it themselves as well.

First step, remove the trunk mat. I've got a '96 LS, and found out I was targeting the area in the first pic.

Second step, lift the covering carefully. There's a peg in the middle of the edge keeping it in place. Gently lift there (2nd pic)

Third step, you should see the wiring you need to deal with. Looks something like the third pic. If you don't see it, check the other side of the trunk.

Fourth step, disconnect the two white plugs. In the fourth pic, I've already finished. All you've got to do is simply disconnect them and reconnect them to the mating end of the OTHER plugs to complete the process.





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