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Air Filter And Air Intake Options


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Hello again,

I'm looking to improve the gas mileage and performance of my car and I was wondering if any of you guys can give me some advice about air filters or intake kits.

I'm not into racing and I just drive this car to work everyday which is a 30 mile highway ride for me. I have heard some air filters will improve power by letting more air through the intake and I have seen some cold intake kits selling for around $220, but I don't know if that will improve my mileage enough to pay for itself.

Any advice?


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Welcome to the LOC. Where in Florida are you?

A cold air intake by itself won't do much. You may feel a slight pick up over 3000 rpm, and see a very slight improvement in fuel mileage, but that would be all. You would actually hear a bigger difference than see one. If your gonna modify your car enouph to really feel and see a difference, then your talking cai, and exhaust and maybe even a header to start being able to really measure the gains. So honestly, if your not going to go that far, then a high air flow drop in filter for about 60 bucks would be your best bet.

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