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Is This A Problem Or Corrected Itself?

John Boy

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My car is a 1993 es 250. exactly the same as the es 300 but with the smaller 2.5 V6 engine. Same engine different stroke I believe. Over the Christmas period my battery went dead flat. I got the local guy to come out and instal a new one. I didnt use it for a few days after that and one night went out for takeaways just down the road. I had gone a couple of hundred metres and doing about 30 klms and the whole car started vibrate. Taking my foot off the gas pedal and lowering my speed it seemed to go off but increasing the gas made it reappear. I made it to the takaway OK came out, started the car and it seemed to drive OK. Getting home I let it tickover and there was a small hesitation in that. It heat from the motor also seemed very hot, hotter than usual although the temperature guage seemed to be registering OK. I took it for a 150klm drive today fully expecting to break down somewhere but everything was fine and was it's normal self. Tickover is now fine.

Question? If the battery was dead flat would there be any need for the computer to reset itself. My first thought was the O2 sensors But!!! what do I know

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