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Es250 Wipers Acting Up?


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Hi, Im new here and I searched for this issue, got results but not specifically to whats going on with me..

For a while my wiper blades used to move slowly and then eventually really slow. Id get out of the car at times and manually move them and then they would speed up. The other day, they completely stopped working. When I turn the wiper blades on, they barely budge about a millimeter, it seems like they are trying but no significant movement.

I tried manually moving them from the outside and now they just move freely. Only by hand though, and keep in mind when I move one, the other does not move. Only one moves freely..

Do you think its as simple as replacing the motor? or am I looking at a larger expense here?

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linkage sounds like it's broken, if one is moving freely of the other. motor's probably bad.

I just replaced the motor. Motor is working fine before mounting on. Once I mounted it on, everything is secure, I try the wipers, Nothing. They are not moving at all. Any other ideas??? Its getting hard to not being able to drive!! :(

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if the wipers fail to operate when actifvated, check the fuse in the drivers side interior fuse panel, if ok, connect a jumper wire between the wipers motor ground terminial and ground, then retest. If the motor works now repair the ground connection. The wiper control relays could be bad if it still doesnt work. But check and make sure you have a good solid 12v at the wiper motor.

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