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Dashboard Indicator Lights


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I have a 1997 ES300 and I have numerous dashboard indicator lights that are always on even though there is no problem. My Reverse light is alway on even when I have the transmission in Park or Drive, or Nuetral. My check engine light is always on and there is nothing wrong. My parking brake light is always on and the parking brake is not engaged. My rear tail light out light is always on and my tail lights all work. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Sometime when I shift some items in my truck the lights go back to working normally. Any ideas on how to get my dashboard indicator lights back working correctly? Thanks.

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I assume that you meant to write "in my trunk" rather than in my truck, and that you pulled out some brake light and parking light bulbs and reinserted them. If that is the case, my own feeling is that you have a bad ground or short somewhere in the systems that feeds the back end of the car, and its feeding back through the entire system. Strange how it seems to affect the CEL as well? You may very well need to see a dealer, unless you can locate a factory service manual and run the diagnostic flow charts yourself. Good Luck!

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