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After Market Cat. Converter


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they do have "universal cats" but maybe others can chime in as i've never dealt with cat issues or how well the universal cats behave with Lexus.

camlex, why do you want to do the cats? are they failing? if your car had less than 80K miles and was less than 8 years old, your cats (and o2 sensors) would be covered under federal emissions warranty. since it's a 97, then you may be talking big bucks depending again on the universal cat and whether it's appropriate for your car. just a couple thoughts; i wouldn't bother changing the cats until you hear them rattle!

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because i had P0420 error code. mechanic put three differant type of megnaflow cat. conv.

still that light comes on.

I am very unhappy.

but, here looks to me that nobody chaged cat.


I have 97 with 297,000 miles

I am planning to put from lexus.~$1200


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did your mechanic charge you after doing that work and having it not work? did you try someone else first? not that he's not a good mechanic, but wow, $1200 for a car w/ 297K miles on it...even if you love it, that's a lot o' bones! that sounds about right for an OEM cat, for sure...hope someone else can chime in recommending an aftermarket one for you.

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