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Parking Brake Light


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The parking brake light on my 1992 ES 300 stays on when my parking brake is released. The strange thing about it, is it only stays on when it is very cold outside ( I live in Westchester, NY). Once it warms up over 40 degrees it goes out. My brakes seem to work normally even when the light is on. No calibers seem to hanging up, etc. I did back up into a deep snow bank (right rear wheel about half way up the wheel) and it seems it may have started after this. Any help would be very much appreciated.



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I took my 95 ES300 today to the dealer for the same problem. Brake light on.

The dealer mechanic said it's caused by either low brake fluid, or the parking brake is on. In my case, he said the sensor in the parking brake mechanism was bad and the only way to fix it is to replace the handle.

My interior is brown/tan and they could only get in black.

Now I have to decide whether to order the black one from them, or try a 3rd party vendor for the part.

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