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Need Ipod Info And Help...

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i dont know much of anything about ipods...but am considering one for my 08 ES rather than satellite....will the sound be as good thru the ES stereo? also do you need alot of extra things to hook it up? can i transfer all my cds to the ipod? what is the ipod zune...i read some about it and it seems a better fit to me and my needs....thanks for all your help guys....rudy

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well...first of all the zune is a microsoft product, the ipod is an apple product. When you buy the ipod it will come with itunes, this is software that will let you transfer all your cd's to the ipod. It is very easy to hook up your ipod to your 2008 ES, all you have to do is get a line-in cable from any radio shack, this cable will have a 3.5mm male plug on both ends, one end will go into the ipod the other will plug into the AUX port on your car, I am not sure where this port is on the ES, in the IS it is inside the center console, but if you can't find it check your manual. All you have to do after that is press play on the iPod and press the AUX on the car stereo, the AUX button may be in different locations depending on if you have the Navigation system or not, again check your owners manual for this. If you have any questions fee free to ask!

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