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Cluster Help Needed!

The Kid

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Hey I'm having some problems with my 93 cluster when I start up the car in the cold, NOTHING works

like sometimes I dont even know how much gas I have in the car, and honestly, that is the most important thing to me.

like I would drive and not know how much gas until E. it sucks because I have to spend a LOT of money on gas just to be sure I have a good bit of gas. the tachometer and speedometer needles work but have no light. and the gas needle doesnt move period until it is lit up.

the cluster flickers for about 2-3 mins then finally comes on. so it takes about 45 mins for the cluster to finally cut on after putting the heat on the front windshield. it seems like that speeds up the process a bit i guess it warms up the cluster.

Hey I also wanted to know if anyone else had this problem, does anyone else start up the car with less gas than they leave it?

for example, in the summer when the cluster worked with no problem, I left the car with half a tank, parked it. and the next morning I start it up, it would be at quarter, okay, its gonna rise because the car just started... it would only rise to halfway between half tank and quarter tank.

It would feel like someone is sucking gas out of the car at night. but I know it isnt happening.

now that this cluster problem has arise its even harder to determine how much gas I have in the car.

does anyone have any problems like this, or even a quick fix?

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mine only does it when i don't put it in the garage at night and it goes below 35 F . It usually flickers and comes on within 5 minutes though. Mine has been garage kept since it was new and very rarely spends the night outside anywhere, usually a hotel parking lot or family vacation where no garage is available. My gas gauge hasn't worked for year so I just use on of the trip meter and usually get at least 350-375 before the light comes on which is pretty relaible. I'm really starting to consider selling mine (94 w/ 199k) but still not sure why. I've been avoiding test driving the new 350 since I'm pretty confident I'd take it and leave my baby there, which could break my heart...

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