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Basic Electrical Power, No Accessories Working 92 Ls


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:chairshot: Ok Please wack me with something. I hooked up the jumper cables wrong on my 92 LS. Car starts and runs great. HVAC, Cruise, lights, windows, sunroof all work perfectly. Radio, door locks, tilt/telescope, trunk release do not work. Also the horn will just randomly blow. Nothing works without ignition running. Some one told me there may be a body module. But I am so lost. I have checked all fuses under hood and dash. Is there fusable links, body module???? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Do you have any warning lights on (check engine, air bag, etc)? If so, you should get the codes from your on board diagnostic port under the steering wheel. If not, you could try unplugging all related fuses and keep them out for at least 15 minutes to see if the ecm resets. then plug them back in. Relays would be next on my list. Connecting cables the way you did can do a lot of damage. I think you might be lucky this time, but I see why you're "badboy".

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