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Stalling And Shaking


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Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum as I just purchased a Lexus. What a car!

I recently drove my 95 Ls 400 for about 2 hours on tghe highway at an average speed of 130kmh. When I exited the off ramp and slowed down the car shut off.It did the same thing on my return trip home as I was slowing to get on to a bridge. Needless to say, this problem is an accident waiting to happen.

In addition the car somtimes shakes and vibrates when I release the gas pedal between 40 and 60km/h. Other that , the car is in great shape, no rust and 155 k.

My questions are:Can I continue to drive the car without purchasing an expensive ECM?

Has anyone gone to Lexus armed with the TSB in order to reduce the cost?

Can I do anything to other than buying a new or used ECM to remedy the problem?

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Sounds like a nasty problem. Maybe the car isn't downshifting and is staying in 4th gear. I know when the wire broke in the trunk mine did the same thing and I had to downshift manually. When it happened, I knew what it was since the reverse light on the dash came on when I applied the brakes. Thanks to the people around here, I fixed it in no time.

Did someone tell you the computer was bad?

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This was extensive threads on the issue of the 95ls dropping rpm/? stalling coming off the freeway. Seemed to be fixed by a new ECM. There are shops that repair ECM's for 2-3 hundred dollars. Goggle ECM repair. Some have kept the A/C on to keep the RPM up coming off the freeway.

The shaking may be a tire balance prob. at the minimum. Or worn front suspension parts.

Good luck

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