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Just Traded The 430 On An 08 460

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Well, I did the trade and it was a scenario. Just got back from Houston and I must say the 460 is worlds above my 430. She has a 160 miles on her, picked her up with 8 miles, and parked next to my 47 GMC and between my friends 08 S600 v12. He is back and traded his 07 S550, another story. He is healing from losing his wife to cancer but did a really nice thing for me on the 460. God Bless good friends and you will find that impressive when I tell you. I'll take a picture of that carport. Lot's of info I garnered and the deal. I wish to thank input from my friends such as Steve (SWO3) regarding leasing and I will expound on it in the next few days with pics. All I can say tonite is I am totally in awe of the drive home from Houston (150 miles) and that's it. Sorry to lose the 430 and I hope she finds a good home. Been a long day and will be back soon. Happy New Year guys :cheers: .


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Worth the wait Steve. :rolleyes: I'll post some pics tomorrow. My friends 08 S600 is alongside it and I could do an unbiased comparison as they are both fine autos if interested. His cost $150k and mine half. Not a fair measure but we will see. Obviously the S600 is the mother car but the LS should be proud as I drive them both until Tuesday when he goes home. If you guys have questions about the S600 I will address them for you and will post pics tomorrow of it as well.

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Thanks but that is no consolation !!!!


All in due time , one day i will be at the point where it will be worth my investment to buy one and set it up but by then the LS will have a v12 hybrid motor or a diesel.

Ohh to only have a job/career that paid me more.

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NOT FAIR!!! :cries:

I'M TELLIN' MOM! :angry:

Joking aside.... Sweet ride RF! Need me to drive the MB and we'll drag race? B)

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There are no Dealers in Lake Charles and there are in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. My goodness , I spent two frustrated weeks on line contacting the "December to Remember" Lexus site on finding a Dealer to deal on my options and criteria. I contacted Leblanc in Baton Rouge and as far away as Sewell in Dallas. There are four Dealers in Houston. Westside, Sterling, Northside and Clear lake. Only two would respond online, being Leblanc and Clear Lake. The rest responded with automated E-Mail and were clearly too busy for me. I knew I had done my homework. Not bragging, just fact. :D Of the two that replied on the phone, Clear Lake and Leblanc, they quoted "me" a negotiated internet price (5-6k below invoice on 71,922) I took the best quote heading east or west on I10 as I explained to them and made my best deal. The kicker was my trade and I was armed with trade in value. I knew that was going to be a learning experience. Don't mention it on the phone just deal the new car. If it was not met then I could head east to Baton Rouge and negotiate there. They recognized I was serious, did my due diligence and a deal was to be made, positve attitude ;) . I did go through this on other threads but will again emphasize doing your homework, utilizing the Lexus site for Dealers in your area, go armed with your credit score and trade in value from kbb be prepared to walk if not happy with the deal even if you love the car. It was a fight, after the net/phone quote to get the best deal. A low ball on the trade, That is where I started to walk. They met my kbb :angry: and then another in the business managers office to get the lowest interest rate I was "entitled" to. Being I was leasing, .0023 is what i expected and he started a .0030. I said nix and after his walking out to check with whomever :blink: he ceded to .0023. Leason learned, The deal does not stop till you sign guys. Watch your interest rate with the business manager as many a good deal goes bust once you feel you made it and you are too excited to sign a good deal to a forlorn conclusion. Your butt....sorry to expand Steve but you asked..LOL..Hope it saves some of you guys some bucks. Sorry to be longwinded but I felt it important to share my experience. That's why we have LOC..:cheers:

"I wise man once said..when buying a car, compare it to walking into a brothel..keep expectations high, excitement to a minimum, choose carefully, you do the !Removed! since you are paying ,keep your wallet close and walk out with a smile and dignity intact."

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