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I have a newly discovered transmission problem with my daughter's '99 RX300 AWD. When the transmission is shifting from 3rd to 4th gear (about 55-60 mph), the rpm stays high (approx. 4000+ rpm) but never makes the final shift. I notice that this only happens when accelerating quickly from a dead stop and only when the car is not completely warm. Otherwise, it's shifting fine. I bought the car used from a private party last April and it now has 87,000 miles on it. I bought it with 80,000 miles.

I've read this entire thread (hey, it's the holidays and I've got some time on my hands) and I'm impressed, and thankful, for all of the feedback on this forum. Had I known about this website, and these problems with the early models of the RX, I most certainly would have opted for something else. And, as an owner of a GS300 (which I've had virtually no problems with), I'm disappointed in the response by Lexus to something that's clearly a problem. Hardly a company that's living up to the "relentless pursuit of perfection" tag line.

So, a couple of questions. Is this the beginning of all the transmission horror stories I've been reading about? If the answer is probably yes, is there anything I can try (drain & fill, flush) that might delay the inevitable? I checked the transmission fluid and it's definitely got some darker color to it, and while the smell wouldn't be described as burnt-like, it's definitely not the smell of regular transmission fluid. I don't have any idea whether the transmission fluid has ever been changed, but I'm willing to bet it has not.


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