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To Premium Or Not To Premium?


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The manual states that you can run 87 octane in the '93 es300 (which I have), so, I run 87 octane.

A higher octane rated gasoline only has additives to prevent 'pinging' and also causes the fuel to be 'harder to ignite' (how much more difficult. . I dunno) but, gas mileage will also drop with the use of higher rated octane fuel.

Last, but not least. . . if your car can burn 87 octane fuel, it makes financial sense (especially with today's gas prices) to use it instead of the more expensive fuel.

That money looks just as good in MY bank account, as it does in the oil company's bank account.

Thanks for reading. . . . .

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I have a 04 es 330. 89 octane runs the best for me. bp or mobil gas is what i use. thats what i used since the car was new, once in awhile i will put in 87, i do notice a difference when i use 89. anything higher i see no difference. anyone no if marathon gas is any good? i see they put stp additive in there gas. i got a gift card for marathon gas thats why i ask. thanks for any info, have a safe new year.


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