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Brakes On 2001 Ls430

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Last year I purchased a 2001 LS430. When I would be slowly rolling forward in traffic (i.e. at a drivethrough window or heavy traffic when you're just inching forward a little at a time) I would notice the brakes squealing each time I applied them. During stops of normal speed driving there was no squeal. Two shops, including the Toyota shop, checked the front brake pads and said there was plenty of pad left. However, they both said the squeal would continue unless I installed original Lexus pads. I did that and that solved the problem for appr 4 months. Now the squealing has returned. The Lexus pads are in great shape and both shops are dumfounded. Any ideas on what could be causing this or what I need to do. The car has 95K miles. Thanks.

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