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Brake Question

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I have been experiencing lately, as I depress the brake and let go, a very mild jerking motion. It's almost as if my accelerator is pushed in a little, but it's not, I've checked (no carpet or anything on it). When I'm at a stop light and sitting for a little bit, I take my foot of the brake, and the car goes forward a little faster than I seem to remember. Also, when I'm readjusting my foot if it's on the brake, the car will jerk a little bit instead of a steady accelerated motion. It's hard to explain. I'm just wondering if anybody else is having the type of thing happen to them?

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Now that you say that, I was messing with the ECT last week. However, I think it's off, there's no light on my dash that's lit.

My idle RPM, when the car is warmed up, in drive and at a stop sign, is about 600-700.

When it is warming up in the morning, in park, it's 1200.

When it is warming up in the morning, in drive and at a stop sign, it's 1000.

I'm thinking it's just the cold mornings we've been having, because the only time I have the issue is when it is cold, as I started thinking about it more. We've had more mornings in the upper 30s than I can think of over the last couple winters.

Thanks, Bartkat!

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