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Sport Shift -reverse Pattern

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I have been thinking about reversing the shifting logic of the sport shifter in my IS250. That is, making it up shift the gears when you pull back on the level and down shift when pushed forward. It just seems more natural to me. Not a big fan of the paddle shifters yet. There is a DIY thread on some of the other lists about this change. It is just a matter of switching out a couple of wires.

However, I would also like to modify the PRNDL display around the shifter consol so that the “+” and “-“ signs are reversed to match. I like to mod stuff but I want it to be a complete modification as much as possible.

Has anyone seen an aftermarket PRNDL insert that has the “+” and “-“ signs reversed? (Fat Chance! :pirate: ) How much would an OEM replacement cost? It might be easy to modify the original but I want it to look as original as possible.


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BMW's sport shift has it reversed from Lexus. Acura is the same though.

I was reading a post somewhere where they referenced the BMW shifter. It was the same thread that explained which wires to switch to make the change. But silly me, I can't find the thread anymore. :chairshot: I looked all over this and the other two groups that I lurk on but could not find it again. I will probably make my own DIY sometime but I would at least like to give credit to the person that inspired me.

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