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Hoy Fox Lexus - El Paso


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I'll preface by saying that I have an aversion to working with dealers. In a past life, I sold cars for a short time and found out what an unpleasant experience it could be for the customer; however, the experience with Hoy Fox was anything but unpleasant.

My first contact with Hoy Fox came in November when I found a vehicle via the Internet that interested me. At that point, I was in the "just looking" phase and wanted to see what was out there in 2002+ RX300 AWD. Scott McCutchen sent me 35 pictures of vehicle and a brief description. After explaining my phase to him, Scott replied a respectful "thank you", and I did not hear from him again. (This is opposed to another dealer that wouldn't leave me alone!)

Fast-forward a month later. I've done the research that I need, looked on a few lots in Albuquerque and the Phoenix area, and am ready to look more seriously. (Note that I made an appointment to see a vehicle in Albuquerque only to arrive and find the vehicle locked and the keys nowhere to be found :wacko: ) I contact Scott again with an update, and let him know that I am very interested in his vehicle (it was still available), but want to do as much work online as possible as I'm 4-6 hours from El Paso.

Through email and a couple of limited phone calls, the price was determined and my trade was even appraised from pictures and desciption. It was simply down to driving to El Paso, writing the check, and driving home. (By time we had a brief delay due to another customer, drove the vehicle, checked out, and had a thorough walkthrough, we were still at the dealership almost 4-hours.)

I'd stongly recommend doing business with Hoy Fox, and specifically Scott.

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