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Problem With Audio Levels


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I have a 2007 ES350 with the standard audio package & Nav system. I am having two problems that I have not seen addressed in these forums.

1) The automatic sound level (ASL) does not seem to work. I turn the feature on, set the control to maximum (7) but the volume from the radio does not change as the speed / interior noise increases. I can see the bars on the ASL display on the bottom of the screen light up, indicating an increase in interior noise (?), but the audio volume does not go up / down. Shouldn't I be able to hear a volume change? I have heard similar systems work in other cars and have noticed the volume changes.

2) I installed a Sirius Satellite radio package myself (Sound LinQ2 SL2s audio interface & SC-C1 Tuner) and the audio level fluctuates without reason. I set the proper volume and 10 seconds later the volume either drops or increases a few decibels - just enough to make me adjust the level again. This adjustment has nothing to do with vehicle speed (can happen when traveling at a constant speed or stopped at a light). This problem ONLY happens with the satellite input - FM radio / CDs / iPod input are not affected by this problem.

I'm not sure if these two problems are related. I appreciate any feedback you have on your experience with the ASL feature or satellite radio.

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In fact the ASL is so sophisticated you can't tell a difference in the volume, but it does change. As soon as you drive a car without the ASL you'll appreciate it. The increase in volume isn't registered as a volume level, and its syncronized with the increase in noise so its always in proportion. Systems you can hear the difference with aren't as sophisticated.

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