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I bought at 99 RX(69000 miles) 2 months ago. I put the temperature on HOT and hot air does come out. But at 80 to 84 the air feels cool. Is this normal (Idon't think so). What could be the problem? Thanks for any help.

Apparently the system "thinks" the cabin temperature is above your 80-84F setpoint.

The IAT, Interior Air Temperature sensor behind the little window above the (US) driver's right knee might be open.

The OAT, Outside Air Temperature sensor just behind the front bumper in front of the radiator might be open.

Or the sunlight radiation sensor on the top front of the dash panel at the inside bottom of the windshield may have failed indicating you are driving in BRIGHT sunlight.

When you move the setpoint to max heat or max cool all of the sensors are bypassed and the servomotors are simply driven to whichever extreme you have selected.

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