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Car Leaking/burning Oil


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I have a 93 lexus es300. Its burning oil pretty bad, smoke billowing up through the hood, and noticeable when stopped at a stoplight. Its not smoking out the exhaust. Ive had this problem for about 6 months, though it just started getting gradually worse, with noticable oil burning smoke. I brought it into a shop, and they told me the problem was the oil pan gasket. They replaced the gasket, but it didnt fix anything.. The guys at the shop were not very helpful when I asked them why they didnt fix the problem the first time. They kind of gave me the runaround, but I guess I understand that it would be hard to diagnose the issue, considering all the oil caked on the engine. Anyway, when I look at the engine, there is very light oil leakage from the top of the engine(oil cap) all the way to the bottom. The majority of oil leakage is coming from right side of the engine(looks like from the cam seal) and also from the middle of the manifold. I assume the leakage is probably a combination of problems: valve cover gasket, cam/crankshaft seals, possibly valve seals? I know for sure its not a head gasket problem, and I'm betting that its not something major, but I'm not sure. Anyone else have any ideas on what it could possibly be? What should I replace? Thanks.

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I would start by cleaning the engine so you can see where the oil is leaking. We have a leak on our rear main seal the drips onto the exhaust from the front bank. We never see any smoke, but we can smell it when we park the car in the garage. It leaks less than 1/2 qt. between oil changes, so I have no immediate plans to fix it. Yours sounds like a bigger leak, but before anyone could recommend a solution you have to know where it's leaking.

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Another possibility is that the transmission oil cooling lines are leaking, where they go into the bottom of the radiator.

My '93 es300 was leaking so bad (when I got it) that the 'dust cover' that is between the radiator and the engine (at the bottom of the frame rails) was SATURATED with tranny fluid!!!!

This car smoked like it was a freight train!

As you drive down the road, the tranny fluid is blown back and hits the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipes and burns.

You won't notice a leak until either:

That 'dust cover' or valance panel is saturated and dripping tranny fluid or

You have to look verrrry carefully at the backside of the radiator, while the engine is running.

It's a quick fix.

Remove the cooling lines, and wipe the fittings down with Brakleen.

Teflon tape on the threads of the fitting on the radiator then reinstall the cooling lines and tighten the lines again.

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The typically way of checking oil leak is clean off the leaks/cakes with either degreaser or hot steam. Afterward, drive the car until you can see the leaks. However, the dealership uses a special grow in the dark additive to add into the oil. You will see the leak with the UV light. You can also buy this additive and the light at the auto parts store, not expansive.

I would go back and get a refund from the shop for the oil pan gasket. If you can see the leaks from the top, they basic screwed you left and right.

Typically valve cover is a good candidate for older cars.

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