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Abs/vsc Lights On! Loud Warning Noise! Help!


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I am having the same exact problem with my ABS/VSC system currently. All aspects of my 2000 Lexus GS300 function perfectly with the exception of that ear piercing siren of the ABS system alarm.

My main goal is to stop the noise and I am contacting you in hopes you may have the solution or could contact/direct me to someone who may detail how to cut the alarm noise. The car runs, stops, operates like new. However the alarm will not go off. The owners manual notes warning alarm may sound for 10 mins before going off. Well upon making the trip from my new residence in South CArolina up to my hometown in Central PA had no problems. The day prior to my return back down south the ABS system went bad.

I have spoken with a Toyota Tech when it first malfunctioned and was told that brake system is designed to function independently from the ABS "feature". Therefore it is no danger to operate the vehicle as normal.....expect the fear of losing my mental stability and or hearing due to the BLASTED NOISE! Is it possible to remove the ABS fuse or disconnect something to stop the sound until I have the opportunity to have it repaired. Obviously expensive part and install therefore it may be a few weeks until I am able to have it repaired.

I you would be so kind as to drop me a message with any aid you may have to give, it would be greatly appreciated

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