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Transmission And Engine Mounts Replacement Procedure


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Hello All,

my 96 LS,120K miles is at that point where she will need these replaced, I am getting a lot of engine vibration in the car with some tranny vibrations during upshifts and downshifts.

My mechanic did the "Engine Movement" test, where he locked the brakes and slowly accelerated the car. we could see the engine move a lot everytime he gave more gas. So it is confirmed that the engine mounts need to be replaced.

I searched the whole site as well as the internet but could not find a step by step procedure on how to do these.

a) Change Transmission Mounts.

B) Change Front and Rear Engine Mounts.

Would appreciate if any of the GURU'S out there can post some step by step procedure with photos if possible.

also are there aftermarket parts better than OEM we can use?, since the OEM stuff seems to be failing so often.

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There are 3 mounts total.

2 on engine, ie one on drivers side and one on passenger side. 1 on transmission.

Trans mount is very easy to do. Engine mounts are harder I have to do mine too. OEM is best.

There is no good DIY tutorial available but this might help.;hl=glenmore

Maybe you can post a photo DIY when you do yours...

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ok i found some great info in this post.

I will copy and paste the procedure so that it can be accesible to anyone who is searching.

Thank's 92ls4008888 for the procedure


92ls4008888 write's


finally changed my transmission mount. Here is what you need to do:

Drive the car up on a ramp (I used a Rhino Ramp)

Use the jack that came with the car, together with a piece of wood, to even out the pressure point, and apply jack on tranny pan. You need to apply just enough jacking force to lift the tranny about 1/2 inch.

Behind the tranny pan, you will notice a cross member. This cross member is held to the chassis by 4 14mm bolts. There will also be 4 12 mm nuts that holds the tranny mount towards center of this crossmember.

Remove the 4 nuts in the center followed by the 4 bolts on the crossmember, remove the crossmember.

You will be able to see the tranny mount. The tranny mount is held to the tranny by 4 bolts. Remove the 4 bolts and remove tranny mount.

Install new tranny mount.

Alldata list torque figures for the 12mm nut at 10 pounds and the 14 mm bolt for the cross member at 19 pounds. Is this correct? Anyone please care to comment?

My old mount's rubber was pretty much squashed to the point that it was metal on metal. See attached pics:

Notice that there is barely 1/8 of inch of space. With the weight of the tranny, I am sure that it was metal on metal - this means all the vibration will come through

I did not have the time to take the car for a drive but I immediately noticed less vibration at idle. I am sure that the motor mounts are probably shot. However motor mounts are $110 each and labor is another $250 or so. It is too difficult a job for me to undertake.

The tranny mount took me 30 minutes, the mount cost about $56 delivered from Park Place Lexus. It is a really cheap solution for those looking to reduce vibration. Anyone can do it.

My car has 200K and has issue of vibration



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