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To Everyone Who Had Their Sc Stall...

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Recently about a month ago, a week after i bought ma car, It stalled on me before i even drove it home. They dealership took a look at it and didnt find anything wrong, so gave it back and same thing happened. They checked the fuel pumps and said they were clogged and said they replaced them, which they didnt by the way. But whatever they DID do, it stopped for about a month. I was leaving work Friday and all of a sudden it stalls again! 5 times before i could even get onto a road it had stalled. So i decide the dealership didnt do anything, so ill take it to the nearest Lexus dealership. Reluctantly i got my car there without crashing and they said theyd find the problem. They did and said it was the ECM and that the chip needed to be replaced. Thinking a retail dealership would try and scam me, i called around other places to check with prices, and the chip cost 1000 and labor was 200. Not bad and had it done, and since then its been runnning perfectly with nothin wrong. So for everyone that has this problem, next time you take it in, make sure they check the ECM(Part of the ECU)

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