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Buying A New 460

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We are thinking about replacing our very old LS 400 with a new 460. It has only 100k on it and was bought new. 95 model. Got any idea what we could sell this for? My wife loves this car and is not eager to sell but small things are breaking like the antenna motor.

Service from our local Lexus dealer has been typical big dealer store. By that I mean terrible. You have to go in which is about an hour drive from home. Leave the car all day and then they will tell you what's wrong and how much. The bring it back next week, leave it for a day and find out they didn't do the job right if at all.

Example- had a squeaky right front shock. Took it in and the service guy wrote it up as a bad left shock. I even had him push up and down on the front to show him the problem and which shock it was, the right one. So I left the car for the day to get an estimate. Came back about 4 and was told they could not find anything wrong. So I walked back to the car with the manager and had him push the front up and down again. The right shock squeaked as usual. He then had the mechanic over and showed him. He said "well there is nothing wrong with the left shock, you didn't write down right shock" to the manager. Big fight and game playing.

When I complained they said well you had a free loaner what's your problem Mac? By now it's 5 and I want to go home. Gave up, ordered the shock and had some one else put it on. Found another guy to work on the car. Never went back.

Who needs this?

Toyota limits the number of dealers. If you want a Lexus take it or leave it. We have no choice as the nearest dealer is 200+miles away.

I had a choice for our Highlander and bought elsewhere. 75K and it has never broke so I don't know about service from the other guy. I've found our Lexus 400 requires a lot more repair work the the other Toyota's we have had. I can live with this but I won't put up with a surly dealer.

From all the problems posted here I think I have a valid comment. Does anybody at Toyota ever monitor this site? Seems not.

Some one mentioned getting a 4 axis accelerometer to measure ride quality before you buy. Good idea. What is that and where to you buy one? Sounds like a worth while investment before you buy a 70K car which may have a problem. I assume our dealer will not fix anything without a big fight based on previous experience.

My only other choice is a Avalon which is not a popular car or maybe the new Accura.

Any comments?

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The Avalon is a VERY popular car by the way...

As for your Lexus, why are you still having it repaired and serviced at the dealer?!?! I'd have found a good independent mechanic by now, especially if the dealer was that far and I disliked them so. Nothing so complicated about an LS400 a good independent mechanic with some experience with foreign cars can't handle.

The LS is one of the most reliable cars on the road. I bet if you had a better dealer experience you'd be happier.

Anywho as far as the 4 axis acceleromiter that was a joke. Such a peice of equipment would be VERY expensive. Just go drive one, drive it for an extended period, try and drive it alone without the salesman, and see what you think.

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