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A/c Expansion Valve


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I feel as though my expansion valve is restricting refrigerant flow.

My compressor/clutch started short cycling (10 seconds) so I went thru

a series of things to correct which included: 1) evacuation, recharging... no change

in performance...then 2) a complete system flush which produced a lot of

"crap", followed by air purge, evac., oil/ refrig recharge .... still cycling.

So after some research here I found that my problem could be related to a

partially plugged expansion valve. When I observe the low pressure side/gage

it fluctuates and when it goes to less than 20psi the clutch disengages, then

after a few seconds the system pressure builds up to allow the low pressure switch

to activate and allow the clutch to kick in again. Is it possible the suction side is being

starved for refrigerant and causing the problem. Does this make any sense???????

I would like to inspect the expansion valve and I read on a previous post that

the valve is located under the glove box. I have a '92 SC 400. How can I access

the I have to remove a panel in the cabin under the glove box or can

I get to it from under the hood at the firewall?

Any comments would be much appreciated.

Thx in advance,


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