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My Gs3 Gets A Butt Lift

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As many of you know my car has undergone many changes for the upcoming 08 show season. Here are some sneak peaks of the work that is going on. Look for a final update at the World of Wheels show in Atlanta January 3rd-6th. The car will be done next Friday and will undergo extensive detailing for the show. Just to tell you what is happening in these pics:

1. Carbon fiber wrapping the UGO Roof spoiler

2. Carbon fiber wrapping the Junction Produce Replica rear spoiler. The two side pieces will be color matched to the body to achieve my two tone carbon look.

3. Trunk will be wrapped in carbon as well. I am not deleting the inner tails. You'll see why.








Thanks guys, and yes the trunk is getting done in carbon as well. Look for the roof to be done as well upcoming later on this year.


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ok so the trunk lid was wrapped today and has one layer of resin on, they are going to let it cure overnight, sand, and apply another coat of resin, sand, and clear coat it hopefully tomorrow. car is now scheduled to be complete monday or tuesday just in time for roll in at the World of Wheels Show on Thursday! Here are the pics I took today.

This is the top of the trunk lid


A corner view


and the rear shot, they are going to cut out the inner tail holes


There is a special custom airbrushing that is going to take place, you'll see what I am talking about when it is all buttoned up!

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Here it is guys from WOW Show in ATL. The JP replica 3 piece spoiler is not on yet and neither is the UGO roof spoiler. The car went back in the shop today and will be out Wed or Thurs morning to roll out for WOW Chatanooga. There will be some airbushing added to the trunk lid and some other things are getting tinted as I type right behind me.









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well guys, here it is! picked her up today from the shop and just finished waxing her. let me know what you think. i will have better pics from the show this weekend where the lighting is better.

this is at my shop now.

here you can tell how kevin matched up the weaves from the trunk lid to the jp replica spoiler


here's the full rear end. you can see how they painted the side pieces of the rear spoiler to match the car and there's the ugo roof spoiler up top.


from the side


a better angle with the slightly tinted tails. we did two coats of smoke black and called it quits. it is easier to get darker than it is to go lighter.


They also faded the sides of the ugo roof spoiler to match te car so that when you see it from the side it looks black


you can see the fade here



hope you guys like it!

ending this post with the shot of the rear again


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