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Blizzack Tires

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Yesterday, put on Blizzacks (thought buying WS-50 but Discount Tire put on MZ-02 !). Since yesterday, loving it :D

1. Quiet tires

2. Braked well

3. Going thru 3-4" snow well

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i wish i had snow over here:( coldest temp here was like 45 degrees and no snow only rains

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Next time try the Dunlap Graspic snow tire. I just purchased a set of

4 and the price with UPS delivery came to $ 72. They were 16" for my

LS400. I live in the mountains of NW NJ and these babies have gotten

me through many major storms. My dealer wanted $ 113 a piece and

could not believe the price. Their warm compound also makes them

a great tire on ice. Made it through the storm last night and temperature

up here was minus 2

I highly recommend the Tirerack. They will even give you a name

of a local installer. In my area it was the guy who was charging me

about $33 more per tire. That's a savings of $ 132 ......Go figure.

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