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'99 Es 300 Ignition Coil Question

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how do you check to see if ignition coil is working correctly?

getting reading for multiple misfires from codes.

did change front 3 spark plugs. they looked fine.

btw, anybody know of pics posted anywhere to show how to remove intake manifold on this 99 es300.

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what cel code were you getting. i recently changed the coil. i had p0302 - misfire in cylinder 2. The symptoms were 1. flashing track light along with cel. 2. No 3rd gear engagement can't go over 45 mph 3. idle low rpm vehicle vibration.

after researching this forum i narrowed it to either - sparkplug, fuel injector or coil. once i removed the sparkplug i noticed traces of fuel indicating that injector is good. the sparkplug gap also looked good. but still i replaced with a new sparkplug. same issues like before that led to coil replacement. luckily coil #2 is in the front left. have to disconnect the battery to clear the codes. hope this helps.

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