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I am an owner of a 98 GS400 and I'm considering making changes under the hood (including ecu), the exhaust, air intake, braking, and body kit for ground effects puposes.

I'd like to increase horsepower, torque, handling, braking and overall looks, where do I begin in finding these items and making these changes? I'm also interested in changing my stock wheels and tires, and I'm open to suggestions in that area as well. How do I find a reputable dealer?

I won't say money is no object, but I am willing to spend what I need to get my desired results, I have my eye on a friends corvette, and so far, I've become very familar with his rear tag and lights...I'm ready to wipe the smile off his face. (smiling.....) Yes, I admit it's a little vain, but I want my GS sports sedan to CREAM his 2 seat sports car.

I'm new to the LOC as a matter of fact, I JUST joined today, so I hope the current members will welcome me, and assist me on my journey to corvette butt kicking!!!! :chairshot:

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Hahhaha...welcome to da club! This site is the SH@#! The ppl here are cool as hell!...umm...I have exhaust and am savin for an intake...try have worked out well for me so far...I have a 99 GS4..

Good luck brutha...hope to see some pics soon! :cheers:

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