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Startup Whirring/light Knocking

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I posted a similar topic a year ago about a whirring noise on startup (which disappeared), but this is totally different. When I start the car in the morning, there is a whirring noise with almost a knocking for a few minutes as the car warms up. As the car reaches operating temp and the idle slows down, the noise is much less noticeable. It almost sounds like a noisy a/c compressor, but because the compressor died this summer and isn't being used, it can't be that. I used a stethoscope to probe around to find out where the noise is coming from, and as far as I can tell it isn't from the engine itself (I do have the ticking valves, but as I understand that isn't a huge problem). I doubt it is the timing belt as it was changed 12k miles ago, and the water pump was done about 65k ago (previous owner, but at Lexus).... If anyone has some input I would greatly appreciate it, as I'd like to have an idea what it is or isolate it before I take it in... Thanks in advance!

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