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Spark Plug Change On Ls430

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I am thinking of changing my plugs in the near future with the NGK iridium plugs and wanted to find out if there is anything out of the ordinary I need to know beforehand.

Outside of taking off the Plastic Engine cover, is there anything else that needs to be removed to access the plugs?

I understand this engine does not utilize traditional type spark plug wires, I haven't done this type before, I have replaced plugs in the past on other cars but haven't seen this type of setup before. to remove the covers on the plugs is it as simple as just unscrewing the screws? Does anything other than the plugs themselves need to be replaced?

If anyone has a turorial on changing the plugs on a 2001-2006 LS430 please post the link.

Thanks for your help!

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The only thing I would recommend doing before changing the plugs is do the seafoam treatment through the brake-booster line first, to clean out the intake, etc.... this has been known to foul a plug or two in the past, and since you're going to change them anyway, might as well kill two birds with one stone! do a search for "seafoam" and you should find threads about how to do it. Very easy, just make sure you go out into the country before doing it, as you'll smoke up the neighbors. Or take the car to a shop for the motor-vac proceedure.

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