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The Great Oil Change Discussion

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The drain plug and the filter are pretty easy to get to on the new IS. Here's a tutorial on how to do it.

Is there a reason why a dealer charge $175 + tax for an oil change?! I paid it once at 5000 miles for my IS350 but I don't want to do it again. I could put synthetic oil somewhere else and still not

Welcome Angelo. Enjoy your new IS250!

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Hi there - I'm new to the forum and find it awesome!

2007 IS 250 AWD - 76000 KMs - bought this vehicle 2 months ago - it's a beaut!

Changed my own oil and filter. Amsoil 0W30 (full synthetic) and WIX oil filter. Also changed brake fluid.

Purrs like a kitten.


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Hey Angelo, well all I can say is you are in for some serious fun. Welcome to LOC where you will find a bunch of information and people who will share their experiences with you. Of course we love Lexus owners. You can put pictures of your baby on here which we would enjoy.


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On 3/8/2006 at 1:41 PM, backwoods lex said:

Keep in mind that if you change your own oil and do not have any proof or documentation, you probably will not be able to get Lexus to pay for any repairs under warranty. I take a few photos when I change mine (odometer, draining process, filling process, and new filter next to old filter).

I have never seen an oil filter like this. What kind is it?

backwoods lex, are you referring to oil filter cartridge as shown below;


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A good oil change service is more than just replacing motor oil and the filter. It also includes adding air to tires if needed,  topping up any liquids like window washer fluid and any antifreeze if needed. I say antifreeze because the engine with a radiator cap burps at times and it can expel a slight amount of antifreeze with that. 

Plus the tech will check your wiper blades, air filter and other such items to make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape. It takes my dealer about an hour to do an oil change service on my wife's ride but that also includes a tire rotation.  And when it's done we know if cv axle boots are getting brittle, if brake calipers are sticking and things like that. So about 4 times a year a dealer does the oil change on my wife's car if for no other reason, the peace of mind that it was done correctly. 

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Oil Change items needed;

-04152-YZZA3 OEM Toyota/Lexus Filter: or filter of choice (Purolator BOSS PBL25609 oil filter cartridge)
-9564-10944  Toyota OEM filter wrench, 64mm x 14 flute cutout for use with 1/2 drive ratchet (or use  Motivx MX2320 (64mm Toyota / Lexus oil filter wrench)
-90430-12031 - Oil drain plug crush washer /gasket
-Oil: 6.7 Qts./ 6.4 L/: oil of choice (Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30)
Oil change tools needed;
-27mm half socket if using Motivx filter wrench
-14mm socket for oil plug
-10mm socket to remove underbody panel to access oil filter housing
-Oil drain pan large enough for 7 Qts.
Oil Change Procedure;
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