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Newbie has a few questions.

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I posted this in the UK forum also.

Hello, I just want to say Hi and ask a few questions.

I have never owned a Lexus before but am in the market for a 1998-2000 GS 400.

1. Is there any thing about this model I should be aware of? Problems, recalls. etc. (Any problems with 1998 since it was 1st year of GS 400?)

2. Is there any difference in these years models from one another?

3. Where is a good place to get OEM parts at discount prices?


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Hello and welcome.. To answer some of your questions, there have been no major problems with any GS even it's first production (98)... The only problem that I know about is that the headlights get condensation in them.. I already had mine changed twice since I bought my car new in the beginning of the summer.. As far as changes to the car over the last 5 years, nothing major. A few things that if you bought a 98-00 GS you can make it look like a "03" and knowone will beable to tell the difference.. Hope this helps and goodluck with your upcoming purchase..

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