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Porsche Guy Needs Evaluatin Help Pls

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Hi: I have no idea how helpful you guys can be. I'm a Porsche guy. I moderate 3 Posche websites FWIW. I need a mid size, comfortable SUV, which puts the Porsche Cayenne, VW Toureq and other monsters out of the pic. My choices are down to a Lexus RX 330 and an MDX.

Could you guys give me some advice. If I asked a similar question on one of the Porsche forums, I'd get a dozen answers by the end of the I have no idea what to expect with you-all, but I'm optimistic.

I don't even have a pic of the RX330 to post, :( but here are my Porsches. I'd really appreciate your help! TIA, Don :D

My Porsches: :blink:




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