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Gas Pedal

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After driving my new IS 250 AWD for a week (actually 2007 with 11k but new to me) I'm finding it somewhat difficult to find a comfortable driving position. It seems to me that it is partially due to the gas pedal and what seems like a very long throw and very soft spring resistance in the pedal

The first 1/2" or so seems to be very soft and doesn't provide any resistance to your foot....so when I adjust the seat so my foot doesn't rest directly on the pedal, I don't have enough reach to use the full extension of the throttle. On the other hand if the seat is adjusted up then I find it tiring to have to pull my foot completely away from the pedal enough to allow the car to coast. My TSX and MDX don't have this issue. I did a back to back with my TSX and found the spring pressure and throw of the pedal to be just right.

Don't get me wrong...I do like this car...the exterior design has to be one of the most beautiful on the road today...just trying to improve my driving experience.

Anyone else experience this same issue? Has anyone modified the spring rate on the gas pedal? And if so, how?

Any suggestions? (I did a search on this and didn't find any prior threads...sorry if it has been discussed before)


PS: used info from this forum to change the belt buckle alarm...worked great! also adjusted the doors to unlock all with one touch...great feature!

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