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Never Had A Cabin Filter?


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When I bought my '95 ES a few years ago, I noticed that it didn't have any cabin filters in it.

I heard that some came with them and some didn't. I thought the guy who owned it before me took them out and was too cheap to replace them.

My question is this... If there haven't ever been any filters in it, or there haven't been filters in it for a long time, is it OK to put some in it or should I do something first?

I know when they come out after being in for a long time they're completely filthy. Without them isn't all that filth going through my heater core and AC evaporator?

There's a product you can use to foam-up that whole air box and it supposedly cleans everything. It's about $30.

Should I do that or just put some filters in, or not put filters in and not worry about it? Any help would be great. Thanks

BTW - air flow is fine and quiet, and there doesn't appear to be any blockage in there

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