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Es300 Tail Light Problems


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Hi Everyone,

I have a 96 ES300 that I'm having issues with the tail lights on. When

the lights are turned on(like they would be when driving at night),

the only rear lights that come on are the two red tail lights in the

corners... the normal red tail lights do not come on. When I brake, all

the brake lights function fine.

I know that the back tail lights are dual fillament bulbs since the

bulbs function as tail/brake lights, and the brake light(1 fillament)

works fine on all four bulbs... but the normal tail light filament

will not turn on at all on any of the four. I replaced all four dual

fillament bulbs and no change... I also verified the fuse is

good and even swapped it out.

Any ideas? Any thoughts are very much appreciated.


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What happens when you push the brakes?

The brake lights all work fine. For some reason the tail light filament will not come on at all though.I'm not sure how much wiring the brake and tail lights share sonce they're in the same bulb.

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