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Really Cold Starts


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I just drove my 1990 ls 400 220,000 miles to the mountains of colorado about a week ago (where it is very cold in the mornings around 20 F). When I go to start my car for the last week or so it makes this really weird grinding noise almost like something is stuck. Also it does not start as fast when cold which may be normal; I have never lived in such a cold environment so i do not know. However, once it is warm it starts like a charm. Any thoughts on what the problem if any is?



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Sounds like you need a new battery. It still has enough "life" in it to start in warm weather, but cold temperatures require more from the battery which sounds like it doesn't have. You can get the battery tested for free at most Walmart or Autozone. If the battery is bad, and you are going to be in the cold for a length of time, get one with at least 700 CCA.

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